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In the beginning there was the VOID

Then the FATHER came and created the WORLD. He created the mountains and the trees and the rivers to give it form. He created the birds and the beasts and the fish to give it life. And finally, he created the mortal races to populate it. And these races he placed in his great CITY, where they would be safe and happy for all time.

But as their numbers grew, the races demanded more and more of the FATHER’s attention, until finally he created the nine GODS to watch over them. And the GODS guided the races with the same care and attention as the FATHER had.

But soon the GODS began to quarrel, for each had a different view of the FATHER’s vision. And their quarrel spilt over among their followers and there was WAR in the great CITY.

No one is sure how long the WAR lasted, but the races were decimated and even the GODS on the brink of destruction when the FATHER returned. And in his wrath, the FATHER banished all the races from his CITY and all the GODS from his WORLD.

What followed is known as the SCATTERING, and none know how long it lasted or how many perished.

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