Ssrrrit the Liar

Tall for a kobold, Ssrrrit's orangey-gold scales sparkle with a hint of green beneath this canvas robes.


Ssrrrit (pronounced long S-trilled r-eet) stands just shy of 4 foot, and skinny, muscles having almost no definition. His orange-gold scales flash with hints of green and his eyes sparkle with jovial turquoise light. His horns seem just a little longer than normal, his face just a little flatter, both of which he claims are from his Draconic heritage.

His clothing is sensible, sturdy boots and trousers with a loose silk shirt he wears unlaced to the middle of his chest. Over the top he wears a thick canvas robe, complete with hood and countless pockets, some visible and others completely hidden. The shoulders of the robe are covered with bottled brown-green “dragon scales,” though anyone familiar with local wildlife will recognize poorly stitched together grass snake skins. He uses a shortspear as a walking staff and general purpose pointing tool. The top of the spear haft, is a ‘dragon’ skull, a heavily carved fawn skull attached with the horns of a calf, workmanship good enough to pass at a distance, but not well enough to pass even casual inspection.

His familiar, the “wyvern” (read: snake with vestigial wings) lives in one of his many pockets, though often rides curled around his bicep with its head resting on his shoulder. The two often carry on one-sided conversations in Draconic as they walk.


Ssrrrit the Liar

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